The Best Routes for Our new Favorite Hobby: Going for a Walk!

Lockdown in Berlin

There’s not much to do except working from home and watching your favourite netflix series over and over again. But then again, what could be better than a walk in the cold, catching up with a friend, a coffee in one hand and a sweet treat in the other?
This guide includes our favourite routes taking you through Berlin Kreuzberg, Schöneberg and Steglitz-Zehlendorf. We also added our favourite cafés serving coffee and treats for takeaway. Let’s make the best out of this extraordinary time, wandering through nature and strolling along beautiful streets, people-watching and doing some window shopping.
Opening hours may vary.


The first route takes you through the Graefekiez and Bergmannkiez in Kreuzberg, alongside the dreamy Landwehrkanal or up the hills in Hasenheide. Another route takes you over two big mystical graveyards, entering Tempelhofer Feld if your feet aren’t frozen by then. To warm up a little, here are our favorite Cafés serving food and drinks for takeaway!

1. La Maison:

Paul-Linke-Ufer 17
10999 Berlin
open 07:00 - 18:00
This charming French café serves a large variety of sweet and savoury pastries. Especially the buttery croissants are to die for, for example the "kouign Amman" a croissant bun with salted caramel. Other tasty options are the almond croissant, the vegan croissant(!), delicious tartelettes, baguettes, homemade spiced mulled wine and good coffee.

2. Plan Café - Plan C:

Planufer 92B
10967 Berlin
open 08:00 - 17:00
This direct trade café with a coffee window, serves organic food and their own self-roasted coffee named „Kamoola“. It is known for its chocolatey and nutty flavour. The coffee is certified by „GreenAys“, their own brand that build up their own supply chain and works 100% transparent with a Coffee Farm in Nicaragua. And if that wasn´t enough already they have a hot chocolate fountain to dip your croissants into!

3. Two Trick Pony:

Bergmannstraße 52
10961 Berlin
open Thu.- Sun. 11:00 - 16:00
This café is perfect for brunch and offers English breakfast with a modern twist, or roasted coconut loaf and banana-date-and cardamom-bread for every sweet tooth and, of course, very good coffee!


The second route starts at U Eisenacherstraße in Schöneberg and takes you through the Akazienkiez, past beautiful houses with ornaments and unique little shops and cafés, ending on Winterfeldplatz, where the weekly Winterfeldmarkt takes place.

4. Double Eye Kaffeeröster

Akazienstraße 22
10823 Berlin
open 08:15 - 18:30
This coffee shop, which is celebrating its 20th birthday this year, is known for its self-roasted high-quality coffee. Owner Arno Schmeil is a world champion in making espresso. The Baristas working at Double Eye make sure every coffee served is an artwork in its own right. During these extraordinary times, Double Eye serve their coffee on their doorstep, making sure no coffee lover is put at risk!

Steglitz- Zehlendorf

Our last route takes you through Dahlem, a part of Berlin known for its stunning houses, green parks and, of course, the Freie Universität Berlin! Starting at Bacis Coffee, your walk will take you to Domäne Dahlem, a historic Manor with meadows, fields and animals. Continuing your walk and wandering through the big Thielpark, you can take the path over the university campus on your way back.

5. Bacis Coffee:

Königin-Luise-Straße 39
14195 Berlin
open 08:00 - 18:00
A lovely café with an industrial style, frequently visited by students of the nearby Freie Universität, serving exceptionally good coffee, American pastries and a great variety of bagels!

Coffee in one Hand, Confidence in the Other

Remember: It won´t be like this forever. So we might as well enjoy our newly found love for a cuppa outside and exploring the city. CHEERS!

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